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SSA stands for Sub Station Alpha. It's the file format used by the popular subtitle editor, SubStation Alpha. This format is widely used by fansubbers.


It allows you to do some advanced display features, like positioning, karaoke, style managements...

For detailed information on SSA/ASS, see the SSA specs. It includes an SSA specs description and the avanced features added by ASS format (standing for Advanced SSA). Because SSA and ASS are so similar, they are treated the same here.


Like SRT, this format is text based with a particular syntax.

A file consists of 4 or 5 parts, declared ala INI file (but it's not an INI !)

The first, "[Script Info]" contains some information about the subtitle file, such as it's title, who created it, type of script and a very important one : "PlayResY". Be carefull of this value, everything in your script (font size, positioning) is scaled by it. Sub Station Alpha uses your desktops Y resolution to write this value, so if a friend with a large monitor and a high screen resolution gives you an edited script, you can mess everything up by saving the script in SSA with your low-cost monitor.


The second, "[V4 Styles]", is a list of style definitions. A style describe how will look a text on the screen. It defines font, font size, primary/.../outile colour, position, aligment etc ...


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