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Dot Notation

Lets first look at Dot notation. Consider this example below:

let obj = {
  cat: 'meow',
  dog: 'woof'
};let sound =;console.log(sound);
// meow

I want to bring your attention to the fifth line where we’re using dot notation: let sound =;. This is an example of dot notation. You can access properties on an object by specifying the name of the object, followed by a dot (period) followed by the property name. This is the syntax: objectName.propertyName;.

When working with dot notation, property identifies can only be alphanumeric (and _ and $). Properties can’t start with a number.

Dot notation is much easier to read than bracket notation and is therefor used more often. However, there’s a second way to access properties on an object you should be aware of. It’s called bracket notation.


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