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Base32 is one of several base 32 transfer encodings. Base32 uses a 32-character set comprising the twenty-six upper-case letters A–Z, and the digits 2–7.

Base32 is primarily used to encode binary data, but Base32 is also able to encode binary text like ASCII.

The most widely used Base32 alphabet is defined in RFC 4648. It uses an alphabet of AZ, followed by 270 and 1 are skipped due to their similarity with the letters O and I (thus "2" actually has a decimal value of 26).

In some circumstances padding is not required or used (the padding can be inferred from the length of the string modulo 8). RFC 4648 states that padding must be used unless the specification of the standard referring to the RFC explicitly states otherwise. Excluding padding is useful when using base32 encoded data in URL tokens or file names where the padding character could pose a problem.


The RFC 4648 Base 32 alphabet
Value Symbol   Value Symbol   Value Symbol   Value Symbol
0 A 8 I 16 Q 24 Y
1 B 9 J 17 R 25 Z
2 C 10 K 18 S 26 2
3 D 11 L 19 T 27 3
4 E 12 M 20 U 28 4
5 F 13 N 21 V 29 5
6 G 14 O 22 W 30 6
7 H 15 P 23 X 31 7
padding =      


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