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JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data is represented as key-value pairs in a semi-structured format. JSON is often compared to XML, as both are capable of storing data in hierarchical format, with child data represented inline with its parent. Both are self-describing and human readable, but JSON documents tend to be much smaller, leading to their popular use in online data exchange, especially with the advent of REST-based web services.


CSV (comma-separated values) files are commonly used to exchange tabular data between systems in plain text. They typically contain a header row that provides column names for the data, but are otherwise considered semi-structured. This is due to the fact that CSVs cannot naturally represent hierarchical or relational data. Data relationships are typically handled with multiple CSV files, where foreign keys are stored in columns of one or more files, but the relationships between those files are not expressed by the format itself. Files in CSV format may use other delimiters besides commas, such as tabs or spaces.


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