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QuickTime Player 7 on the Mac still supports .QT.TXT and .QT.SMIL caption files. So you can use the .QT.TXT file with one of the first 3 methods described above. You should get the same results.

You can also use the .QT.SMIL file, which is a pointer file (pronounced “smile” file), to simply associate captions with your media file, as described below. The .QT.SMIL file may also be used to specify full URLs to streaming media servers and web servers. Using the .QT.SMIL file is probably the least robust option since the SMIL MIME type is often fought over by RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, and QuickTime, so there are challenges to ensure it works for all people visiting your video. Furthermore, getting the URL information within .QT.SMIL correct may require troubleshooting with the personnel who configure your streaming media server.


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