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base65536 encodes data in a similar fashion to base64, but its alphabet, instead of being 64 characters long, is 65536 characters long. This means, one can map 16 bits of data into a single unicode codepoint.
It is of course terribly inefficient, if you were to count the outputted bytes (especially when UTF-8 encoded), but if you count just the number of unicode characters, as for example Twitter does for it’s length limit, you can fit double the data per character.

This was GitHub user ferno’s intention when creating this ’standard‘: to fit more data into a single tweet.

Existing implementations are available for javascript, python, ruby, go and php. But what i wanted was a drop-in replacement / alternative to linux‘ / gnu’s base64 tool.
My implementation does exactly that! it is written in c, the command line options are compatible (for now, only short options are implemented) and i finally found an excuse to implement a complete binary search tree in a project.


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